Chorizo ​​a la cider, Asturian recipe

Chorizo ​​a la cider is one of those dishes for which you can buy in any Asturian tavern.

But with this recipe, you will learn how to prepare a cider chorizo ​​at home that will have nothing to envy best kitchens in Asturias.

The recipe for chorizo ​​a la cider

Although this dish is considered Asturian in origin, chorizo ​​a la cider is also very common in Basque cuisine. Well, the truth is that it is already very popular in almost all of Spain.

It is important to get an artisan cider without gas, and also some Asturian chorizos, preferably.

El Laurel it gives an important flavor stroke, and garlic becomes an optional ingredient.

 recipe for chorizo ​​a la cider
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Chorizo ​​a la cider, traditional recipe

With this homemade recipe, we will learn step by step how to prepare a Chorizo ​​with cider.We are just going to peel them and then cut them into very thin slices.

  • Then we go to select a (very) large pan or a good pot to cook. We will let it warm up a little and we will incorporate the chorizos to seal them a bit, from the entrance. Let them cook a couple of minutes, over medium heat, on each side. We can make some pickets with the teeth of a fork, so that they cook better inside.
  • To continue, we recover the chorizos, and in the same pan we will pour the pieces of garlic. We will sauté them for a minute with the fat that has remained. If you decided not to use garlic, then, skip this step.
  • Now let's pour the cider in the same pan, with the bay leaves. We will increase the intensity of the fire so that the liquid starts to boil.
  • Once the cider breaks to a boil, we will add the chorizos. Lower the fire in half and let it cook for half an hour. You will also see how the cider will be reduced.
  • While our plate is cooking, we can Go arranging a cutting board. This is because after the cooking time, we will take out the chorizos, and chop them into slices a couple of centimeters thick. There is no need to turn off the pot when removing the sausages. We can leave it on low heat.
  • After cutting it, we will return the chorizo ​​to its sauce of cider. If oil remains on the cutting board, we will also add it to the cooking.
  • Let the chorizo ​​rehydrate for a few minutes. Then, we will put out the fire.
  • The ideal is to serve chorizo ​​in cider in clay pots, in traditional style, as the photo shows. If we do not have them, we can look for some similar containers.

    recipe for chorizo ​​a la cider

    Advice on the ingredients of chorizo ​​in cider

    • We said before: in the case of cider, it must be a product without gas and natural. The ideal would be to get a bottle of Asturian cider, since the flavors of this drink change between the producing regions, and are more or less dry.
    • Something similar happens with chorizo; the flavors and the consistency also change. As for cider, the ideal is to have Asturian sausages. In case they do not get Asturian sausages, they can be replaced with semi-dry or fresh sausage.
    • The incorporation of garlic is a very personal decision. Many cooks do not use it for their chorizo ​​recipes with cider. Instead, there are some that add a pinch of salt, when starting to prepare the sauce.
    • Laurel lovers can add even a fourth leaf of this herb to their preparation.

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