How to make canary mojo picón, step by step

Today we are going to prepare the recipe for mojo picón, that sauce that is traditionally used in the Canary Islands to accompany wrinkled potatoes.

In this case, we will make the recipe for red mojo, but also There is a green mojo in the Canaries, less known, but equally rich.

Mojo picón, traditional recipe

Although this sauce is the obligatory companion of Canarian crumpled potatoes, it is not either an exclusive dressing of this dish.

The mojo picón can be used to accompany meats, especially if they are barbecued, like some vegetables and fish. Even a roasted chicken would look good with this preparation.

canary mojo picon with crumpled potatoes

mojo canary picon with wrinkled potatoes
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Recipe of mojo red pepper

Cooking recipe to learn how to prepare mojo picón al traditional style, using a mortar. So if you do not have a mortar, this is the best time to go get one.We will not need to chop them, because we will pass them directly to the mortar to crush them.
  • Then cut the piece of paprika into small pieces. In base, the paprika has to be clean and seedless.
  • Next we'll take the mortar the paprika, with the chili peppers or cayenne peppers (clean) and the garlic. We will begin to grind until these vegetables become a kind of paste.
  • Then we will add a pinch of salt, the spoonful of cumin and the sweet pepper, and we will continue grinding so that everything is mixed.
  • To integrate the ingredients well, we will add a thread of oil. We will continue doing this in the mortar while we continue to crush. With the oil, the sauce will take a more liquid consistency, but neither should you abuse the amount of this ingredient: we will use a maximum of 150 milliliters (and that if you are the fanatic number 1 of the oil).
  • To finish obtaining a liquid consistency, add a splash of vinegar (maximum 20 milliliters). We will mix well everything inside the mortar and we will make sure to crush any remaining pieces that have a certain volume, either of vegetables or cumin.
  • Once we have a homogeneous consistency, we will taste the mojo to verify the seasoning. If necessary, we will correct it with a little more salt.
  • That's it. The mojo picón is now ready.

    The version of mojo picón that we have explained is the most traditional, using a mortar, how it was done in the past. However, if you do not have mortar, if you want to prepare everything faster or if you are simply a victim of modernity, you can follow the whole process in a food processor.

    Tips for an amazing mojo picón

    • If you do not get cumin beans, you can use cumin powder. But seriously, consider that possibility only if you do not get the cumin grain, because the result is not the same.
    • If you want to keep your mojo picón for a long time, you can freeze it and consume it a couple of months later . You can also keep it in the refrigerator for several days, but be sure to store it in a clean, well-capped container and do not mix it with other foods when you use or serve it.
    • The ideal thing for this recipe is to get typical peppers peppers, instead of chillies or cayenne peppers. If you are lucky enough to get them, go ahead! It is better to use traditional ingredients.
    • If you like very strong flavors, you can increase the amount of garlic cloves, up to 8. In principle, we have used 6 to obtain a more subtle flavor, or rather , less strong.
    • For a more natural flavor, you can use grain salt (fat salt).
    • If you think the sauce is too thick for your taste, you can dilute it with a little (but very little) of water.
    • When choosing vinegar for this recipe, I prefer white wine vinegar.
    • One last tip, which has nothing what to do with the traditional recipe. If they decide to use the piece of pepper or paprika, they can do what I do, which is to spend a few minutes on the griddle, before cutting it and crushing it. From my point of view, this adds a lot of flavor to the mojo.It is true that this not only gives more consistency to the sauce, but also adds a lot of flavor. So if you have a piece of hard bread in the kitchen, you know what to do with it: you have to grate it and if you can fry it before mixing it with the mojo, so much the better. That's right: one should not overdo it either. Use a maximum of half a cup of bread crumbs (or better yet, crushed with the mortar).

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