How to make Mexican enchiladas

Enchiladas make a complete dish by themselves. They are voluminous, delicious and very balanced when the filling includes some meat.

The recipe for red enchiladas with chicken is one of the most common in Mexico, although there are hundreds of different ways to prepare this dish. One of the advantages of enchiladas is that they do not need accompaniments. They can be served with rice or beans as garnish, but if not, nothing happens.

How to prepare Mexican red enchiladas

The most used chiles for this recipe are tree, wide and guajillo For those who do not like spicy, they can be replaced with sweet peppers or chilies that do not sting.

mexican enchiladas

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Mexican enchiladas recipe

Easy preparation of delicious Mexican red enchiladas with chicken. One of the best known dishes of Mexican cuisine.Open the first ones and remove the seeds, the stem and the white vein.
  • Peel the onion and the garlic.
  • Put the garlic, the onion, the chiles and tomatoes.
  • Once roasted, put all the vegetables to liquefy, with a couple of good spoonfuls of cream. Add a little salt. If a little liquid is needed for the blender to work properly, you can add a few tablespoons of the broth in which the chicken was cooked.
  • After liquefying, tasting and correcting the seasoning, if necessary.
  • Pass the sauce through a sieve to remove the seeds and make it very liquid.
  • Pour the sauce into a saucepan and cook over low heat.
  • Meanwhile, clean the lettuce and cut strips for the equivalent of two or three cups.
  • Place a couple of tablespoons of oil in a pan, and brown the tortillas previously dipped in the sauce (one by one) , just a little until they soften.)
  • Fill each omelet with a little chicken and fold.
  • Arrange at least 3 tortillas per dish. Can be covered with more sauce, to taste.
  • Cover with lettuce strips , what remains of the cream, and finally sprinkle with fresh cheese.
  • Eat immediately.
  • Tips

    1. If you do not have corn tortillas, you can also use wheat tortillas. If they are very large, cut them into a manageable size so that they fit on a plate, but without losing their round shape.
    2. If you want a vegetarian recipe, you can change the chicken filling with cheese. A fresh white cheese is recommended.
    3. Save the broth in which you cooked the chicken to make use of it in other recipes.

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