Potatoes a la riojana: recipe step by step

La Rioja potatoes are a stew of potatoes with chorizo ​​typical of the Rioja that is served as a single dish or as a tapa.

This delicious and forceful recipe can be found also in other nearby regions such as Basque Country, for example.

The preparation of this dish is quite simple and what it deprives is the quality of the products you are going to use.

Cooking is slow, and the result is a stew with enough flavor, very rich, comforting and with many calories. It is a perfect recipe for winter days.

How to make Rioja potatoes

This dish is quite simple to prepare. The main ingredients are potatoes, chorizo ​​and pepper.

You have the option of giving it a spicy touch with either a chili pepper or a touch of cayenne pepper powder.

 potatoes a la riojana
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Recipe of potatoes a la riojana

Learn how to make step by step this traditional stew of Rioja made with potatoes, chorizo ​​and pepper. Ideal for the days of cool temperatures.Put the choricero pepper, the laurel and the teaspoon of sweet paprika. If you decided to use chilli, throw it out too.
  • Now simply let this stew cook over a flame Gentle until the potato is soft.
  • Pour some salt to taste but keep in mind that chorizo ​​may have some salt.
  • If you want a recipe more or less brisk because it simply controls the amount of water, adding more if necessary.
  • You already have your Rioja potatoes ready.
  •  potatoes a la riojana

    Tips for making Rioja-style potatoes with chorizo ​​

    • Potatoes: ideally use c Galician achelos, but any potato for stews goes well.
    • El chorizo: use your favorite sausage, but if you ask me, I've used chorizo ​​from La Rioja, as well as from Galician and with both I've gone wonder. You also have the option to choose sweet or spicy sausage, this is already a matter of taste.
    • Chilli pepper can also be pasta, approximately 2 tablespoons.
    • Sweet paprika powder , if it is smoked and it is De la Vera, better. In this case, as with the chorizo, you can choose to use the spicy version.

    With what to accompany the potatoes to La Rioja?

    Well, this it is a forceful dish, a complete meal that all you need as a companion is a glass of red wine and a piece of bread to dip in the broth.

    Then, if you are going to serve it as a tapa with others dishes, for a meal among several friends, then you can also prepare anchovies in vinegar and homemade ham croquettes. With this you will have a good variety of flavors that will impress your guests.

    I hope you like this recipe and remember to share it with your friends.

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