Recipe of homemade lentils with chorizo

Lentils with chorizo ​​ are among the best recipes for homemade lentils that exist in the world. They are usually prepared in the form of stew or stew, with potatoes, also with carrots.

The best thing about this recipe is that it is plentiful, you prepare 1/2 kilo of these grains and you give it to feed several people letting them repeat a second time, because hey! They will want to eat more!

Generally a good recipe with lentils , apart from chorizo, includes paprika, which gives it an extra touch of great flavor.

It is also usual for the stew to have some blood sausage. This is optional, but I recommend it.

The other ingredient that should not be missing in any good recipe for stewed lentils is olive oil: just when you are sitting at the table about to start eating, you throw a good jet and good food!

Who does not remind children of a huge pot full of lentils with chorizo ​​and black pudding ? This is one of those homemade recipes whose aromas are not forgotten. It's a meal that we should all know how to prepare.

And well, if you do not know how they are made, today I'll teach you 🙂

Let's talk about the main ingredients.


The type of lentil to use is important. The common thing is to use pardina lentils.

Unlike other legumes, it is not absolutely necessary to leave the lentils soaking in water the night before, since these are cooked rather quickly. However, you can soak them for a while if you want.

Wash them well before putting them in the cooking pot.

The chorizo ​​

To make this recipe you can use any good quality cured horseshoe sausage, even cheap supermarket ones can give good results.

Do not use barbecue sausage, in this case you need intense flavors to make your lentils amazing. p>

Ah! You can use spicy sausage too, in fact the result is sooo good 😀

Black pudding and bacon

Optionally, and I recommend it, you can put a black pudding and a piece of bacon. It gives even more flavor. Of course, it becomes a very strong meal.

lentil recipe with chorizo

How to make lentils with chorizo ​​


  • Half kg of lentils
  • 1 chorizo ​​for cooking ( 200 grams approximately)
  • 1 black pudding
  • 2 liters of water approximately
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 medium onion
  • Half pepper
  • Powdered paprika (if smoked, better)
  • Oregano
  • Cumin
  • Pepper
  • Salt


  1. First lentils should be boiled in a couple of liters of water. You have to remove the foam that forms on the surface of the pot.
  2. When about 5 minutes have gone by, add the chorizo ​​chopped on wheels and the whole blood sausage. Put the oregano, paprika powder, cumin, a pinch of salt and some pepper.
  3. Keep cooking a few minutes more.
  4. Meanwhile, prepare a sauce in olive oil. olive with garlic, onion and pepper, all chopped into small squares. Add the broth.
  5. When the grains of the lentils are ready add some chopped parsley and let stand.
  6. Serve your lentils with chorizo ​​and remember: add a lot of olive oil.

Flavoring your lentils with chorizo ​​to the maximum

Apart from following all the steps previously explained, you can use these ideas to guarantee that you will make the best lentil recipe in the market. Planet Earth:

  • The chorizo ​​can be smoked and you can sauté it before in olive oil. In this recipe I did not, but it looks good.
  • You can incorporate pieces of pork, like chops.
  • You can also use chopped ribs in small pieces.If they are smoked, better.
  • Put spicy. A chilli pepper, a chilli, a chili, gives it a spectacular touch.
  • Instead of using water, use vegetable broth or beef broth. More and more flavor.
  • You can put pieces in cubes of carrot or potatoes, or both.

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