Recipe of traditional Galician broth

The Galician soup is a traditional recipe of, what do you not guess? Galicia! which is prepared with potatoes, turnip greens, white beans and various parts of the pig.

This soup or stew, is consumed especially when the weather is warm, cool or rainy and is perfect just for those occasions.

Galician stock recipe with turnip tops

It is possible that if you are not Galician, or well, if you are not Spanish, you are asking yourself "What are the turnip greens?". Well, the grelos are certain stems of the turnip, also considered as cousins ​​of the broccoli, and known in English as "broccoli-rabe". They are consumed especially in Galicia, Portugal and Asturias.

If you do not have grelos available, you can substitute with traditional white cabbage, although obviously the result will not be the same.

You also go to ask yourself "What is the grease?" It is a type of lard with a very characteristic flavor. Quiet, you can replace it with bacon grease, if you do not get it.

 Galician broth recipe
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Galician broth traditional recipe

Learn how to prepare this comforting Galician broth recipe, explained step Step.Ideally, let them spend the night in a pan of water for at least 12 hours.
  • In the case of meats, it is also customary to desalt them, with the exception of those that are tender or fresh. Of course, there are those who are very fond of salt and skip this step, but for most, it will be normal to leave the lacón and bacon soaking during the night. We will also do the same with the spine, or we can even leave it longer, like a couple of nights. In that case, it is advisable to change the soaking water.
  • For cooking the Galician broth, we're going to need a big pan. In it we will arrange the meat (the soaked and the fresh), the soaked beans or beans, and the cut up piece.
  • We will add a good amount of water. I calculate about five liters, and cook these ingredients over medium heat, for an hour and a half, with the pot covered.
  • You do not have to leave the cooking ingredients to your fate, but we will come several times to remove the layer of foam that will form on the surface of the water.
  • While the beans and meats are cooking, we will take the time to prepare our vegetables. In the case of the grelos, we will wash them well under a jet of cold water and we will chop them. This is the time to make a chef's decision: whether to use only the leaves or also use the stems. If you do not want to add the latter, for reasons of texture of the broth, you can use them for other recipes.
  • We will also prepare the potatoes, peeling them by cutting them into cubes or irregular pieces. We will leave them reserved, to be added to the cooking of beans and meat, during the last 20 minutes.
  • After an hour and a half of cooking, we will come to remove the meat from the broth. Let the rest continue cooking for half an hour more, after adding the grelos and a teaspoon of sweet pepper powder.
  • We will chop into pieces the meat that we have removed. The reserve to return it to the broth, at the end of cooking.
  • Past 30 additional minutes, we will return to the pot and test the content, to see if the seasoning of the broth is correct. Normally, the broth should be sufficiently salty, because although we have steeped the meat, there will always be a little salt left. If that is not the case, we will correct the seasoning with great care and a little extra salt.
  • This is also the time to remove the pieces of bacon. If you have used bacon, we will skip this step.
  • Then we will return the pieces of meat to the pot, and our Galician broth recipe is ready.
  •  Galician broth recipe

    Galician home broth: tips

    • If you prefer to avoid that the grelos give a greenish color to the broth, these can be "blanched".Another option that works very well is curly cabbage.
    • When choosing veal, you can select meat from a hock or skirt. That, if you do not choose the option of fresh chorizos. In fact, the most common is that this broth is prepared with chorizos, instead of veal.
    • If you use the chorizos and you do not want them to color the broth, you can cook them separately and then incorporate them into the preparation.
    • Some people prefer to integrate the whole to the cooking. In that case, it is advisable to melt it before passing it to the stock pot.

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